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p 06 június 2014

How to buy Xiaomi Mi3 online in Europe at the best price

A few months ago I bought two Xiaomi Mi3 devices online. I'm currently based in Germany, and getting these phones here (or to be exact, to any part of the world outside of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia) is an arduous process. There are a number of ...

cs 21 február 2013

A simple Dropbox client in Python

Dropbox is a great service - you get cloud storage that will sync to any device of yours. However, the Linux client is quite a memory hog: when I tried to sync a folder containing a few megabytes of images to a low-resource VPS, I noticed that the OOM kept killing ...

p 25 január 2013

Python-iptables update

It's been a while since I had the time to work on python-iptables - and, unfortunately, time flies. Recent Linux distributions now come with iptables 1.4.x, which uses a somewhat modified API, introducing new callback functions in extensions (x6_*()). Python-iptables was written for the old API, so anyone ...

cs 14 június 2012

Embedding OSGi into an Android application part 2

So we finished off with a few problems preventing OSGi from operating properly when embedded into an Android application. I crafted a few patches to fix these with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

A normal app has no write access to /data/dalvik-cachewhich is the directory used by ...

p 23 március 2012

Embedding OSGi into an Android application part 1

OSGi is a modular service platform written in Java. Individual components (called bundles) may provide services, and can be deployed or removed without restarting the whole OSGi framework. Knopflerfish is a complete open source implementation of the OSGi R4 v4.2 specifications maintained by Makewave.

Knopflerfish logo

The great thing about Android ...

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